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✒️ Safe Point Networks' partner program

Title: Safe Point Redesigns Partner Program
Subtitle: Services Architecture

Safe Point Networks' solution is built on its Services Architecture concept which delivers security at the edge, cloud and network and allows 3rd party vendor products to co-exist and play nicely.

The benefit for partners is clear: bigger margins from services revenue to integrate all the kit.

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✒️ Artificial Intelligence 

Title: Artificial Intelligence on chip
Subtitle: Open AI

Artificial Intelligence crunches lots of data so it's only natural that specialised microchips are being designed purpose-build for the task.

Delivering AI locally instead of in the cloud could cut processing times dramatically.

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✒️ AI Cars

Title: Demlex's Autonomous Vehicles
Subtitle: Alcohol consumption detection

Ever wished you could get your car to drive you home after a night going crazy on sake? Or maybe that's just when you need it to recommend a karaoke bar.

Demlex's new onboard CarAI will do just that - detecting your alcohol consumption and responding to voice commands to take you where you need to be safely.

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