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Please CLICK HERE to download our PDF on satellite imagery ideas. The document covers:

  • Security and Conflict Resolution - Addressing issues related to national and international security, conflict zones, and diplomatic disputes (Conflict and Security, Diplomatic Leverage, Border Disputes and Sovereignty, Maritime Security, Event Monitoring and Security, Compliance and Verification, Crisis Management.)
  • Humanitarian and Environmental Advocacy - Tackling environmental challenges, humanitarian crises, and preserving cultural and natural heritage (Humanitarian Crisis, Environmental Monitoring, Cultural Heritage Protection, Wildlife and Conservation, Public Health)
  • Economic and Developmental Insights - Economic development, resource management, and infrastructure planning (Geo-Economic Strategies, Infrastructure and Development, Energy and Resources, Agricultural and Food Security, Urban Development and Planning).
  • Information Integrity and Public Awareness - Countering misinformation, shaping public opinion, and analysing urban and transportation issues. (Disinformation Counteraction, Traffic and Transportation Analysis)