Political Personas by Country: USA

Political Persona Library: USA
Fictional political personas and organisations from the United States of America, written in English Language

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Below you will find three persona libraries. The US Left Wing Politicians file contains Left Wing congress members, a President, First Lady, Speaker of the House and Vice President. There are corresponding personas in the US Right Wing Politicians file. There is also a separate file for government agencies and cabinet members. This persona library contains: 

    • The Federal Catastrophe Management Agency (Based off FEMA)
    • The Federal Judicial Service (Based off FBI)
    • The United States Government as a website and organisation
    • Secretary of state
    • Secretary of the Treasury
    • Secretary of Defense
    • Attorney General
    • Secretary of Transport
    • Secretary of Energy
    • Secretary of Homeland Security

Each individual persona has their own "microblog" and "gosocial" account with historical content. Organisations have their own websites with pre-written articles. When building an exercise based in the USA, or which might involve American politicians, use these personas as they are, or as templates to modify and build off of to create an immersive environment tailored to your scenario-needs.

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