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📺 News about earthquake

"A major earthquake has hit the county destroying hundreds of homes and killing
several people. Experts claim infrastructural damage is likely to take months or years to fix. We'll bring you
more news as the situation develops"


📺 News about the end of exercise (News24)

"In Breaking News, this is the end of the training exercise. I hope now you're better prepared for an uncertain future"


Here are some audios for possible phone calls in case of an earthquake.


🔊 Did you feel that?

Hey, as you have probably felt, there has been an earthquake. Right now I don’t know what’s the magnitude of the emergency, but we need to assess what is the impact for the company and try to reestablish business as usual as soon as possible. 

🔊 Factory destroyed

One of the factories that produced one of the components of our product went down in the earthquake. We need to assess the damage to our supply chain and make a decision to minimize the loss.


🔊 Employee missing

Hi, I’m calling because my husband is missing. He left this evening to go to the office as he had forgotten something there and then the earthquake started. Can you please give me more information about his whereabouts? His phone is off and I’m really worried. 

🔊 Employees stuck

Hi boss, we are stuck in the train station, the earthquake has affected the train service and I think not so many people will be able to arrive at the office, just so you are aware. This looks bad, it will probably take several days or weeks for the service to be up and running.


🔊 New replica

There has been a new replica when our employees were back at the office trying to salvage some computers with important local files. I don’t know if they are safe but emergency services are on their way to our premises.


🔊 Back in business

The team has informed me that we are back on track. Although we still have some problems because of the earthquake, it feels like we have surfed the worst wave already. Thanks for your support.


You can always look for images you may need for your scenario in Pixabay or Unsplash, among others.

Try to search:


Here are some files (PDFs) that you can use in your scenarios:


A real brochure about large tents for emergency shelter.

📄 Small shelter tent

A real brochure about smaller tents for emergency shelter.


Missing people posters

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 Image Placeholder
 Image Placeholder
 Image Placeholder
 Image Placeholder


📄 Emergency fund application

Demoria Solidarity Fund application.docx

An application form to request funding for emergencies such as earthquakes. Document adapted from European Union Solidarity Funds applications.


📄 Disaster recovery report

Disaster recovery: challenges and lessons (UNDP - United Nations Development Program)


Here are some maps to use in case of natural disaster scenario: earthquake




💬 Breaking news from Government


  • We have declared a State of Emergency after the devastating {data.disaster} hit {} this morning. It had a magnitude of {data.magnitude} and has resulted in country wide devastation and loss of life. We are doing everything possible at this time to ensure the safety of our citizens.
  • We are currently assessing the level of damage caused by this {data.disaster}, which had a magnitude of {data.magnitude}.

Download full library with 15 stacks and 4 decks as STAX LIBRARY file: Earthquake (venturized).staxl


💬 Civil population in shortage 


  • @DoEP we need essential items in the {data.templocation} you set up. People need food, water, and medicine, and we're running out fast.
  • Someone help! I'm trying to get more water down to my nearest {data.templocation}, but don't know who is providing it! Anyone know? {data.LocalLeader} {data.hashtag}
Download full library with 15 stacks and 4 decks as STAX LIBRARY file: Earthquake (venturized).staxl


💬 Residents worried about homes in earthquake-related fire


  • are there any firefighters on here who can give us an update?? im very worried about my house, it's right in the middle of the fire region and I'd appreciate knowing if they have it under control
  • can't believe how bad these fires are and how long they've been going on for :( I'm just praying and praying that my house and the rest of the neighourhood come out of this in one piece.
Download all 6 messages in STAX file: Forest Fire.staxl



✒️ First news from earthquake

Title: Earthquake

An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude has hit Demoria. The epicentre was offshore about 17 miles from the coastal region of Samrikost.

The number of victims and damage unknown at this time.
✒️ State of emergency

Title: State of emergency declared

The president of Damoria has declared a state of emergency in the municipalities of Damoria with the greatest impact caused by the earthquake. These are John Harbour and North Rayntain.
The epicentre occurred 17 miles off the coast of John Harbour, and this city is the most affected area. For now, it is anticipated that 53% of the population of John Harbour is injured, 22% needed immediate assistance, 12% are deceased, and 13% are missing.
More information will come regularly as this develops. Stay tuned
✒️ Damage report

Title: Affected areas

The National Emergency Center has taken action, locating its headquarters in Luport, which was mostly unaffected.
According to the data, the district of Starston Lane and St David’s Grove has between 80% to 95% of its infrastructure destroyed, while Malton Drove has 40% of its infrastructure in ruins. The least affected area with John Harbour is the Long Buildings area with 20% damage. Stay tuned for more information.


✒️ Victims have no electrical power

Title: Electricity in John Harbour

One of the biggest concerns for earthquake victims is the lack of electrical power. John Harbour and North Rayntain remain predominantly without power since the event. The surrounding cities currently have uninterrupted electric power. Angry citizens have started to participate in unplanned demonstrations due to the lack of support from the government. Stay tuned for more information.
✒️ People at risk

Title: Danger to Damoria

Matthew Renley, our correspondent in John Harbour, has developed a special feature on about the circumstances affecting the victims of the earthquake. Lack of drinking water is the most significant problem the citizens of Samrikost are facing. Due to damage to the infrastructure and streets destroyed, the sewer system is broken in several areas of John Harbour, impacting the health and safety of the local population. Do not miss this story in the main newscast tonight.


✒️ Corruption

Title: Delays in supplies delivery

Political bickering and old fashioned corruption has delayed the delivery of essential food and medicines to those who need them in today's huge earthquake, suggested in our earlier report to be the result of fracking.
✒️ Pirates stealing supplies

Title: Breaking news

We are hearing reports that pirates are circling off the coast of Demoria, hoping to intercept any incoming supplies intended to provide aid to the citizens of Demoria worst affected by this crisis. We have reached out to the government for comment.



📧 Supplies from NGO

Subject: Offer of Medical Supplies

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our organisation is inbound with medical supplies for John Harbour. 

Please advise where we should take them.

📧 Office unaccessible

Subject: Do not go to the office

Our company building has severe structural damage after the earthquake. Please, do not enter the office under any circumstances. We’ll keep you posted with developments


📧 Rollcall

Subject: List of employees

I’ve been contacted by lots of employees' family members trying to locate them. I’m attaching the list of those on shift when the earthquake started. Please contact them and make sure everyone is ok. 

📧 Workers strike

Subject: Employees complaints

Some union workers are refusing to show up at the temporary premises. They say they have been complaining about the safety of the old building before it collapsed, and they want us to take responsibility for it.


📧 Mayor visit

Subject: Major wants to visit

The Major is requesting to visit our premises, so she can assess the damages to local businesses. Media will be there too. Can you arrange her visit?

📧 New building

Subject: Move in to the new place

As you know, we need to relocate the business into a new office space, as we cannot access the old premises after the earthquake. Can you please create a plan for the relocation that generates as less disruption as possible?


📧 Supply chain restored

Subject: Supply chain restored

My local manager has informed me that the problems with the supply chain have been solved, hopefully, we’ll be back in business shortly.


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Check out how to insert any real or fictional website in the browser channel.

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