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This page has content related to multiple types of Pandemic. In here you will find assets related to:

- a flu spread in Manchester
- a London lock-down
- patient zero dying an in hotel room
- pandemic as weapon used by a bioterrorist group.

Pick the content that is more related to the context of your exercise.

Table of contents

 Rich media
Long-format writing
 - Videos
- News articles & Blogpost
 - Audios
- Story-line
 - Images
- Emails
 - Documents
  Pattern of Life

Content is also organized by stages of a crisis:

1️⃣ Inciting incident
2️⃣ World reaction
3️⃣ Ripple effect
4️⃣ Resolution


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The scenario below is a short vignette in the style of a business continuity exercise.

  • It's expected that the exercise takes place in the same room (not a technical requirement of Conducttr, just a use case here) with a large screen TV setup to work in Role 5. Video content is only sent to Role 5 and hence only displayed on the TV screen in the room.
  • No collaboration is expected but real-time data is shared with the moderator.
  • The scenario is scripted and quite automated with automatic responses depending on choices made. Again, this is something implemented for this example and not a technical requirement.
This might be a little advanced for some and has been built with the whiteboard rather than the MEL.

Don't know how? Learn here how to import this scenario into Conducttr TeamXp.


Here are some videos that you can use for a pandemic scenario (or other health issues)
Learn how to add your customized ticker and image overlay to any breaking news video.
Looking for something else? Check out the Breaking news clip list for any type of incident


📺 Breaking news - Virus deaths rise

"Flu deaths have risen sharply in recent weeks with the virus now killing 35 people a week. Health officials say the very young and the over 65 are particularly at risk but the virus doesn't discriminate and everyone should get antiviral medication."

📺 Social media - scanning on plane
Click here for Flowplayer video URL


📺 Breaking news - London on lock-down

"London on lock-down as pandemic spreads. Evergreen Hotels share price takes a hit on guest flu death."


📺 Biohacker demands

"Okay, now listen up. If you want to bring this pandemic to an end you have to meet our demands. Number one: all the food is serving the restaurant needs to be locally sourced ingredients from local farmers, none of this frogs and rubbish that you buy-in. Number two: all the snacks that you serve in the executive lounge, we want them to be vegan. Now if you do those two simple things, we will give you the ante door. If you don't, then this pandemic is gonna keep spreading and spreading"


📺 News about the end of exercise (News24)

"In Breaking News, this is the end of the training exercise. I hope now you're better prepared for an uncertain future."


Here are some audios for possible phone calls in case of pandemic


🔊 Opening call during pandemic

"Hello. I wish I was talking to you in better circumstances. Have you seen the news? Please catch up on everything and let me know what steps we need to follow."

🔊 Can't come into work
"I'm really sorry. I'm not gonna be able to make it in today. We've got a bit of a family crisis that kids can't get
 into school because the school shut down. And my wife isn't feeling her best that also she's not able. 
Teo, look after them. I'm going to stay on here, entertain the kids, look after my wife. Um I mean, I'll 
do what I can, but I think I'm going to be pretty tied up all day."


🔊 Journalist about update

"Hi, this is Steve Blake from News24. I wanted to ask you a few questions about how your company might be struggling with the pandemic, I was hoping you'd willing to be interviewed?

🔊 Journalist about update

"Hi. This is Steve Blake from news 24. I was hoping to ask you a few questions about how your company might 
be struggling with the pandemic. Um, I'm going to send you an email, and I look forward to your response.


🔊 Cleaner finds out a dead person

"Oh my God! The guy on 503 is dead. You knew he'd be dead. He is the one with the flu. Look, I'm not paid enough to put out with the shit. Get someone else to clean it up!"

🔊 Board worried

"The board are really worried about the share price falling even further and I'm wondering how I can help. I'm going to send you some suggestions of things you might be considering right now."

🔊 Death toll rises

"Well, as the death toll rises, the authorities are taking steps to guaranteeing the whole city. Nobody is getting in or out, all flights tuned from the country are now being screened and visitors have been told not to travel to the region. We'll bring more news as we get it."


🔊 Call from an employee

"Hi. Thank you everyone for your effort. It's been hard times, but your hard work was crucial.


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Image from London tube
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Image from London DLR
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Image from London - Health services advice panel
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Image from London - Health services advice panel
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Image from London - Health services advice panel
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Empty racks
 Image Placeholder

Empty racks

 Image Placeholder

Empty racks
 Image Placeholder

Empty racks
 Image Placeholder

Empty racks

Empty racks
 Image Placeholder

Empty racks
 Image Placeholder

Bus departures cancelled
 Image Placeholder

Garbage on the street
 Image Placeholder

Garbage on the street
 Image Placeholder

Garbage on the street
 Image Placeholder

Garbage on the street

You can always look for images you may need for your scenario in Pixabay or Unsplash, among others.

Try to search:

🔍 Scientist


Here are some files (PDFs) that you can use in your scenarios:


📄 Report of medical injury

A fictional report of medical injury for any medical or pandemic scenario.


📄 Formal complaint/sue from customer/retailer 

Formal letter of intent to sue from a customer or a retailer: reasons why, how to proceed...

📄 Flu vaccines call

Formal document to call people to get their free flu vaccines.


📄 Bioterrorism: What should hotels do to reduce the risk


📄 Press release 

{}, {}

Our thoughts at this time are with the family of Joseph Mellor.
We are doing all we can to make the guests comfortable and protect them from any further spread of the virus but ultimately we are following instructions from the police who are in charge of the situations.
Evergreen Owner-Manager had these words to say:


Not familiar with Pattern of Life? Learn more about the use of smartwords - i.e. {} 


💬 Tweets about people feeling sick because of food (8 messages)


  • I ate {data.product} and now I feel sick
  • I'm really about to vomit, just ate some {data.product} as well
Download all 8 messages as STAX file: Poeple sick food.stax

💬 Tweets about people feeling sick because of flu (8 messages)


  • Can't stop sneezing. I hope it's just a cold
  • this flu is killing me. I literally cant talk
Download all 8 messages as STAX file: People sick flu.stax


💬 Tweets from scared population (7 messages)


  • My sister has been taken to hospital and they don't allow me to talk to her, I demand an explanation.
  • I'm so paranoid now. I see people coughing and I literally RUN
Download all 7 messages as STAX file: Pandemic.stax

* Remember that you can upload this content as a Pattern of Life Stax or directly in your MEL view (Master Event List)



✒️ Pandemic origin not found

Title: Patient Zero Still Not Found

The Government is still in the dark about the origins - and the cure - of the so-called "Manchester Flu".

Experts are baffled about how the virus could have started with wild speculation in local Manchester pubs that it's a weaponized bird flu from China! This is after it was revealed that among the first deaths was a wealthy Chinese industrialist and former intelligence officer who was apparently in Manchester for talks about buying the Manchester City football club.


✒️ Victim is bio-terrorist

Title: Manchester flu victim is bio-terrorist

Joseph Mellor the Manchester dad who died in the Evergreen Hotel at Tower Hill causing it to be quarantined is in fact a bio-terrorist.

Police reveal that Mellor was part of a food activist group based in Manchester's Northern Quarter but became radicalised after his baby died from an allergic reaction to a food additive used in a pasta sauce eaten at an Evergreen Hotel


✒️ Terrorist demands

Title: BioHackers' Three Demands

A food pressure group called BioHackers have revealed themselves to be behind the Manchester flu pandemic.

They are offering to provide the cure so long as their three demands are met:
1. Restaurants will only use fresh ingredients that are bought from local markets
2. Only provide vegan food in the executive lounge


You can find a plotline below where you can see how a pandemic story develops through news reports.

📅  DAY 5


Title: {} says the spread of {} disease can be a new {data.disease}.

TV on Thursday said that a pilot study into a {data.symptom} that has infected dozens of people in {} has established the potential cause as a new type of {data.disease}. The illness is transmitted by an infected person by coughing, sneezing or contact.

According to {} Municipal Health Commission, 59 people have been treated for {data.disease}. Seven of them were critical, whilst the rest were stable.

In {data.countryspread1} and {data.countryspread2} possible cases concerning recent travellers to {} have been reported.

📅  DAY 10


Title: What is the {data.disease} from {} and what are the symptoms?

{data.disease} belongs to a large group of viruses which, according to the Health Organisations, can induce minor illnesses such as flu and serious ones such as respiratory diseases.

This sickness can be transmitted from animals to human beings. Nevertheless, in some cases they could also be spread by humans, as seems to be the case with this recent {data.disease}.

The {data.disease} can cause various symptoms, including {data.symptom1}, {data.symptom2} and {data.symptom3}. Some specialists believe it is possible for infected people who have no symptoms to transmit the virus; the matter is still being investigated. 

📅  DAY 13


Title: Two people have been diagnosed with {data.disease} in {data.countryspread)

The outbreaks were announced this morning by the Chief Medical Officer for {data.countryspread}, who said that the pair belonged to the same family. 

The CMO said "They have been treated in the specialist epidemiology unit of {} and we’re using validated procedures to contain the outbreak and prevent the virus spreading further".

More than 160 people were tested in {data.countryspread} due to the confirmed cases, with generally negative outcomes. The {data.disease} mortality rate tends to be around 2%, slightly below other illnesses and affects mainly older people who suffer from serious medical conditions.

📅  DAY 22


Title: {} transport closed as {data.disease} spreads worldwide

{} officials are struggling to control a lethal new disease strain, which contaminated and killed over 100 people. All transport to and from {} and neighbouring areas in which this {data.disease} outbreak originated have been blocked by the officials.

The disease has travelled to more than 15 countries around the world and several reports in {data.countryspread1} have been confirmed.

Health experts agree that the virus had initially been transmitted to humans from animals, but now the infection is spreading human-to-human.

📅  DAY 27


Title: {data.disease}: worldwide cases sows panic

The new pandemic, which emerged last month in {}, has infected nearly 10,000 people.

The current number of deaths in {} is 283.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization called the spread a global health emergency. There are 98 incidents outside {}, but there are no deaths.

Most foreign cases occur in people who had previously been in {}, {}, and got infected there.

Lacking inspiration? Try to find some by reading real news articles and getting some ideas from them.



📧 Guest in 503

Subject: Guest in 503

The guest in 503 is Mr Mellor from Manchester.

I think he's arrived with the Manchester flu.


📧 Restaurant situation

Subject: Situation / Food and beverage

I know the situation in Manchester is bad but I think we should keep the restaurant going as long as possible.

F+B is an important revenue stream - let's not jeopardise it too soon, huh?

📧 Biohackers threat

Subject: Upgrade your food

The food you serve in your hotels I wouldn't feed to a dog.

I don't care if it's "legal" or if it's within "industry best practice" - you need to get more vegan choices on the menu and stop using frozen food bought in from outside.

Cook fresh or else we'll take action.

📧 Precautions for disease

Subject: Flu Precautions: London

Please can you verify that we've taken the necessary precautions to keep staff and guests safe.


📧 Staff missing

Subject: Staff missing

📧 Staff missing

Subject: Unacceptable!

My son had a panic attack and you and your staff couldn't care less. You are treating us like dirt!
I'm suing the hotel once I get of here.
📧 Guest is first victim

Subject: URGENT: Guest has died in 503

The guest in 503 was found dead this morning. If it's Manchester Flu we have a major incident on our hands.
Maybe a crisis!?


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