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Content is also organized by stages of a crisis:

1️⃣ Inciting incident
2️⃣ World reaction
3️⃣ Ripple effect
4️⃣ Resolution


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📺 Glass found in food product
"Customers of a major food and drink manufacturer are complaining that
they've found glass in one of the company's most popular products. Quite
how the glass got into the product is as yet unknown. We'll bring you more on this
story as it evolves."

📺 Food poisoning

"Customers of a major confectionery company have been admitted to hospital
with food poisoning. It's not yet known how or where the food could have been
contaminated or if it's been maliciously tampered with. We'll bring you updates as
the news develops."

📺 Chemicals in baby food

"A leading baby food brand is recalling one of its most popular products after
it was found to contain toxic chemicals. It's not yet known how or where the food
could have been contaminated or if it's been maliciously tampered with. We'll
bring you updates as the news develops."


📺 News about the end of exercise (News24)

"In Breaking News, this is the end of the training exercise. I hope now you're better prepared for an uncertain future"


Here are some audios for possible phone calls in case of product recall


🔊 Opening call during product recall
"Hello everyone. I wish I was talking to you in better circumstances. James has asked me to pull everybody together. We need all the top brains on this. Please review the media video there so you praise yourself of the situation and then let me know what we're going to do next."

🔊 Call from an employee about the issue

"Hi, have you seen the news? I’ve reported the issue and we need to handle the situation as soon as possible to avoid a reputational crisis.

🔊 People in hospital (disease is hidden)
"Hi. I have heard of people hospitalised after consuming our products. You must take into account the seriousness of the situation and act as soon as you can."

🔊 People complaining (product is rotten)
"Hi. This is a critical situation. People are complaining because they found our products corrupted. I’ll trust you to handle it."

🔊 Product wrongly labelled - allergic people have problems

"Hello. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been told about our products being wrongly labelled. I hope you can take into account the severity and the danger of the situation as allergic people have problems with them."

🔊 Food containing glass - kid eats something with glass

"Hi! I’ve been told that a kid has consumed one of our products, which contained harmful elements inside. How is this possible? We need to investigate it as soon as possible and handle the situation."


🔊 Support from a customer
"Hi this is Christina Lewis. I'm just calling with a few words of support. I'm a long term customer. I love your product and I know what's gone wrong is just gonna be a blip. So hang in there guys. And I'm sure you'll work everything out."


🔊 Retailer complains about the lack of information on what to do

"Hi. Look, about the situation… I wanted to let you know that I feel a bit confused as I didn’t receive any info from you about what to do. I’d appreciate it if you did so."

🔊 Retailer complains about a drop in sales, threats of going with competitors

"Hello. I wanted to talk to you because our sales are falling due to your product issue. If you can’t solve this problem, I’ll have to work with another company." 

🔊 Food has been tampered with by employee or activist group"Hi, we need to talk. I think that one of our employees has tampered with our products… I’ll investigate it and I’ll let you know."

"Hello. I’m aware of the situation and I have some evidence that proves that our products have been tampered with by an activist group."


🔊 Call from an employee 

"Hi, finally good news. The supply chain is back in order. Well done!


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You can always look for images you may need for your scenario in Pixabay or Unsplash, among others.

Try to search:

🔍 Food
🔍 Bakery


Here are some files (PDFs) that you can use in your scenarios:


📄 Document from a retailer reporting an issue

Issue description from a retailer.


📄 Safe method: Product withdrawal and recall

A real guidelines document from the UK Government in case of product recall. 


📄 Formal complaint/sue from customer/retailer 

Formal letter of intent to sue from a customer or a retailer: reasons why, how to proceed...


📄 Crisis and incident alert

Final information that we have about what happened with our products and how they affected people and our company.


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Not familiar with Pattern of Life? Learn more about the use of smartwords - i.e. {} 

Here you can find a Stax Library focused on recall scenarios of food and beverage products: 

They have been classified by stages of the exercise below.


💬 Tweets from worried customers


  • I was eating {data.product} from {} just yesterday!! Am I gonna die??
  • How are people supposed to find out if they are ill or something? Any symptom guidelines? #{}
Download all 5 messages in STAX file: Angry customers.stax

💬 Tweets about people feeling sick because of food (8 messages)


  • I ate {data.product} and now I feel sick
  • I'm really about to vomit, just ate some {data.product} as well
Download all 8 messages as STAX file: Poeple sick food.stax

💬 Food complaints (16 messages)


  • My girlfriend bought a {data.product} today - just went to the fridge and it's {data.issue}
  • my {data.product} is totally {data.issue} :(
Download all 16 messages in STAX file: Food Complaints.stax


💬 Food & drink opinion


  • It's good to know that {data.product} is {data.issue} now before spending some money on it
  • I thought that {} was worried about their products and consumers... not anymore I guess?
Download all 12 messages in STAX file: Opinion drink and food.stax


💬 Retailer complaints on social media


  • We are so sorry for the inconvenience with {data.product}. We can't do anything until {} solves the problem.
  • We keep receiving complaints from customers about the lack of {data.product} in stores. We are waiting for {} to clarify the situation.
Download all 4 messages in STAX file: Retailer complaints.stax

💬 Suspicions on tampering


  • My children usually get {data.product}... are they at risk?
  • I suspect this tampering wasn't an accident...
Download all 9 messages in STAX file: Suspicions tampering.stax

💬 Competitors taking advantage of the situation


  • Our customers can always enjoy our {data.product} without any kind of risk or danger.
  • Imagine having a {data.product} and not having to worry about any tampering... Just enjoy it! ;)
Download all 3 messages in STAX file: Competitors advantage.stax


💬 Company confirming improvement / solution of the issue


  • We are so glad to announce that we finally solved the problem with our product. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we'll make sure this won't happen again.
  • Thank you for the patience! We always think of all our customers!
Download all 3 messages in STAX file: Company solved.stax


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✒️ Dangerous elements found in food / drink

Title: What you are really consuming

Did you want to know what are {data.product} really made of? Now you do, thanks to several {data.product} recalled Wednesday after bits of {data.element} were found in them. The owner of {} says three types of his {data.product}, contained {data.element}


✒️ Next steps info

Title: Product recall - next steps

Due to the recent product recall by {}, the Government has issued a set of steps for customers, who need to return any unopened product samples to their local supermarkets. If sealing has been opened, customers are requested to dispose of the product safely, so no further consumption is possible.

✒️ News about customer complaints

Title: Customers gather at the gates of {}

Customers of popular {data.product} are gathering at the gates of {} offices downtown. Scared and angry, hundreds of people demand an explanation for the recent recall of a batch of {data.product}, in which traces of {data.element} was found. “My kid was seconds away from consuming a deathly bite”, one protester says. “We are obviously considering a class action against such a negligent firm”.

✒️ Union worker blogpost

Title: We have to avoid job loses.

This outbreak is the result of too few staff dedicated to inspection and cleaning duties and arrives as a direct result of your negligence and in ability to listen to Union advice.

It's vitally important that management now take immediate steps to protect the workers from any slurs or malice from internal or the public.

We will not tolerate any job loses as the result of this tragedy.

It's my opinion that we should categorically deny any wrong doing in order to prevent further damage to the company and to ensure the protection of worker's jobs.


✒️ Retailer stops selling products

Title: Supermarket chain refuses to sell {} products

{} is having another setback this week since a widespread supermarket chain has refused to continue selling any of their products. This is a hard blow for a company that manufactures more than 20 types of products when only a limited batch of {data.product} has been recalled. “We cannot understand why this major chain is refusing to provide their customers with our products, as there is no risk of cross-contamination”, {} spokesman stated.

✒️ Suspicions on tampering

Title: {data.product}: tampered with?

New developments on the recent recall of {}’s {data.product}. Further investigation of the packaging plant has revealed that product contamination might be malicious. The popular {data.product_type} has been allegedly tampered with, as traces of {data.element} were found in some batches.


✒️ Successful recall

Title: {} recall

{} has successfully recalled all products with no further incidents. “We want to thank our loyal customers for their fantastic support and confirm that all our products and supply chain is back to normal now”, {} spokesman stated.

✒️ Incident summary


This morning, a {} customer complained on social media about {data.issue}.

The company began an investigation at that time and they realised where the problem came from.

As a result, a whole batch of poor-conditioned {data.products} had been placed in different selling points.

Due to this incident, the company has raised an official statement, where they affirm the following: {data.statement}


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📧 Bacteria found in our facility
Subject: Legal
Operations have identified locations where suspected Listeria species may be present in our facility, and they continue to extensively clean and sanitize those areas and make additional enhancements to the facility and our procedures based on the environmental test results.

We’re likely to periodically find microbiological indications in our facilities as we keep looking.
📧 Allergen not displayed in label
Subject: Wrong labelling
As you might have heard, we have a major issue with the labelling of one of our products: {data.product}. This is really serious, as the product contains {data.ingredient}, which is extremely dangerous for those allergic. There has been a printing problem and the label does not show the presence of this ingredient. Please, let’s take fast action before someone has a reaction to our product.
📧 Food / drink containing dangerous elements
Subject: Kid hurt 
We need to react to this problem with {data.element} found in {data.product} asap. Media has picked up the story of a child getting hurt while consuming our product, and this is going to be really bad news for us. What should we do next?
📧 Press statement required
Subject: We need to make a statement
I feel that we need to make a statement to the press but I'm unsure if the timing is right for an apology.
If the {data.bacteria} really did come from our factories then we really do owe a heartfelt apology.
However, I'm concerned that the contamination is from some other source and then we'll end up carrying the can for a bug that's not of our making.


📧 Spokesperson required
Subject: Should we appoint a spokesperson?
We're getting a lot of press enquiries but I'm not so sure I want to tie a single person to this task.
It would be much more operationally efficient if the MarComs department could handle this as a team.

Please advise what you think is best.
📧 Appoint social media responsible
Subject: Social media storm
Have you checked our social media? There is a storm out there, could you please take care of all the customer complaints? We need to be responsive at this time.
📧 Product corruption
Subject: Our product is {data.problem}
We have a problem, lots of customers are complaining on social media about {data.product}, they are saying the product is {data.problem} when they open the package. We need to investigate this issue asap and detect in which step of the supply chain the corruption started. Obviously, we also need to start recalling that batch.


📧 Advertising is withdrawn
Subject: Media group ceases to advertise us
I have bad news. {data.media_group}, the media group behind magazines such us Urbane, He&She and Joy, is withdrawing all of our advertising. They claim it is related to the {data.product} recall, but there might be more to it, as they are taking all our banners out, even from other products. What should we do? This can be a disastrous sales drop for the whole brand.


📧 Supply chain restored
Subject: Back in business

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank you all for your hard work and quick response during the recall. It has been difficult times, but the end of the storm is finally here. Let’s get back to business as usual!


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